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Frenzy Rocket Song

Come to see Drakkula! But Mamma I can’t, I’m suffering from jaundice, And I’ve bought a nuclear plant. I’m belting out volcanic punk, Spiked with grit and gore. I’m wedded hard to my guitar, And there’s dancing on the floor. … Continue reading

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Aubade haiku

Break in, bright daybreak through dark windows, take my hand on my dawn dancefloor Rosie Cantrell

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Postcard to myself

Dear Linda, I’m having a fine old time in The Land of Nod – so many places to visit, mighty palaces and cathedrals, cities shrouded in mist, fortresses with zigzag castellations and rivers where the tide is forever ebbing. At … Continue reading

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Sunlit Interiors

Tiny orb of light that in my hand grows, I chide you as if you were a child, You come with lynx-and-eagle eyes To help me summer-clean my house. You burn inside my head with freezing fire, And though I … Continue reading

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World Music

I will go to Spain – the heat won’t worry me – to sit in cantinas with gypsies playing frenetic guitars. The clap and stamp of their hands and heels will make frills and flounces flash and flick. I’ll ache … Continue reading

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The trees sway flowing loosely where the wind carries them Me, I dig my feet in against the gale till it snaps me asunder So I land like a dead leaf or an acorn ready to rot, or to germinate. … Continue reading

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Below the Moon

Below the great gleaming Roundel of the moon Tonight I see my shadow Encircled By light Eileen Neil

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Aubade – Dawn Sky

Aubade – an acrostic Doubting not the day will come And rebirth the green garden you still Wonder at the vanishing stars of the Night sky, the emerging lilac Shifting to rosy pink Knowing each moment marks the turning of … Continue reading

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The Truth Game

Only time will tell Only for show Show as it is Show what will happen Happen will be Happen can’t stop Stop never Stop start Start where it begins Start this way Way beyond the horizon Way forward Forward to … Continue reading

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My skin prickles, my eyes glisten Turning my head, following its trajectory crab-like it crawls towards the door following its slithery tail Out of reach but glinting still Disappearing round the door Outside the smack of the sun glares Unable … Continue reading

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