National Poetry Day 2023 – Refuge

National Poetry Day took place on Thursday 5 October 2023, and this year’s theme was Refuge. The Heartlines Writers marked the day with a collection of poems exploring various approaches to the meaning  of refuge.

Bill Fitzsimons
Borders and Barriers
Reflections From Grosse Isle, 1847

Dru Long
Refugee Girl

Howard Benn
Private Chapel in Grounds

Jackie Parsons
No Refuge

James Mallin
Sky’s Wanderings

Janet Fawdington
White Horses

Linda Marshall
Three Doorways To No Rescue

Malcolm Henshall
Refugees – A Villanelle

Marie Sheard
The Cherry Tree (a sestina)
A Personal Sanctuary

Myrna Moore
Life is Still Life
Books and Me

Rosie Cantrell
Blessed are the merciful