The Truth Game

Only time will tell
Only for show
Show as it is
Show what will happen
Happen will be
Happen can’t stop
Stop never
Stop start
Start where it begins
Start this way
Way beyond the horizon
Way forward
Forward to enhance
Forward to destiny
Destiny to arrive
Destiny to to the end of time
Time to look
Time is history
History to believe
History should be truth
Truth is a sound
Truth has to be right
Right thinking
Right words
Words are written
Word can mislead
Mislead can corrupt
Mislead isn’t led
Led can be straight
Led can be unruly
Unruly is not forward
Unruly can reverse
Reverse is opposition
Reverse attracts rebels
Rebels invite mutiny
Rebels resist
Resist the whole story
Resist to find the facts
Facts can be lies
Facts can betray
Betray can be denial
Betray can deny
Deny or refuse
Deny it

Jim Malin

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