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Small Ghosts Collection – October 2022

These poems were written by the Heartlines writers group to commemorate the old Headingley Primary School (1882-2006). After a 5 year project in 2011 the school building became the  Heart Centre, the Headingley Enterprise and Arts Centre, a community enterprise … Continue reading

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The Mary’s

Brick built, Victorian, four storeys high, black iron grilles covering the windows It stood in the shadow of the stone built Islington Town Hall Even then William Tyndale primary school felt like an ancient monument. When I joined, it was … Continue reading

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Two little poems by Howard Benn

COME BACK Sometimes I wonder, Where is Halley’s Comet now? And who is she with? CATERPILLAR The caterpillar looks up to the sky And thinks: Why can’t I be a butterfly? Howard Benn

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Moving silently, its on it’s way it’s a last chance Nobody listening to the language of words Or sounds of war marching to it’s last dance Angry voices tell of warnings not heard. Mankind has gone through this many times … Continue reading

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National Poetry Day Heartlines Collection – The Environment

Today, October the 6th, is National Poetry Day. To support it the Heartlines Writers group wrote a number of poems on the Poetry Day’s 2022 theme, the environment, and distributed them free around various locations in Leeds. We have also … Continue reading

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