It begins, as always, with the wings of a bat.
The rest I tailor for you.

A phial of shine from Sun.
A drop of fresh dew,
Taken from white petal
Of daisy or rose,
So mornings are new.

For sleep, the charm
Of a lover yet met.
Scent of honey, lily balm.
Moon silver I’ll sift
And you will lift
Beyond body and harm.

Take the light from a tree
And the darkness from its trunk;
From this gentle strength
All colours will come.
Drink to the spirit of a fallen leaf
And see an end to grief.
This is no hokum;
Your heart, no longer broken.
The world seemed set in its ways.
Now is the world held open.

Howard Benn

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One Response to SPELLBOUND

  1. Bill Fitzsimons says:

    A lyrical and lovely poem, Howard. It’s positive and life-enhancing.

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