Postcard to myself

Dear Linda,

I’m having a fine old time in The Land of Nod – so many places
to visit, mighty palaces and cathedrals, cities shrouded in mist,
fortresses with zigzag castellations and rivers where the tide is
forever ebbing. At times I’m left with a hollow feeling. There’s
a sense of déjà vu. The landscape has touches of grandiloquent
magic. Perhaps you don’t understand. That doesn’t matter. Hope
you like the postcard! Yes, it’s blank. Two reasons: one, dreams
can't be photographed; two, it means you can doodle your own
picture based on my descriptions. A really funny thing: people
here keep transforming into other people or creatures. I can’t
keep track of who’s who, including that lovely couple I met in
the hotel restaurant. Before we could have a decent natter,
they’d changed into a cloud of bats.

By the way, the food is sensational! Tables heave with strange
exotic fruits and bejewelled salads, desserts are architectural,
and cakes smile at you with their butter-cream filling. You can
eat for an eternity and not feel full. Well, Linda, I’ll sign off
now. The postal service in Dream Land can be unreliable. So
even if you don’t receive this card, rest assured, I’ll see you in
the morning. You’re the best!

Lots of love,
Linda xx

Linda Marshal

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