Asylum in the Siren

Due to technical problems Aaron Murdoch has had two unsuccessful attempts to perform
his poetry at Soundbites. So here is a piece he wrote in August. He has published several
collections and also has a YouTube channel – ‘Stygosi’.


The myth of the Siren
Proved fact by the magnet
Contained throughout island
Established behind the scenes
Why such have attracted
Understand when the planet
Humane third silent conflict
Disquiet over puppet strings
Do we ask ourselves what does it take?
To repel ourselves from the magnetic state?
This fabulous island a magnet
Higher purpose when hand grip
Used best intercepting
And then shelter
The land is sinking
Over the water rising
Because ice was melting
Caused by planet burning
And resources one day
Bring to face dereliction
Looking away in agreement
Consent question lost ticked
But know your future
House gets visited
Moved from private
For good of neighbourhood
Despite the opening global wounds
And nobody believes
Magnets work on thought and blood
This fabulous island attracting magnet
Safest place
Is to accept
The Siren never devours own flesh
Unless for certain no help expect
A dismal stage far lesser reach
This beautiful magnet still attractive
Pulse across globe reaching finite
Sold whoever points outwards from islands
Behind heads slipping magnetic disguises
Get too close radio brush violent
Start hallucinating Siren
Another mental snap crying loud
In corner of a magnet

Keeps on happening so question other
Do we have worth of safe they risk death for?

Aaron Murdoch