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Burning Less Brightly

In Ulster, once ruled by sword and might, the legacy of history burns less bright. Here, where bigotry long held sway and human hopes were mangled in the fray, a tiny spark of reason has ignited and kindled hope in … Continue reading

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A Perfect Storm

For days the ocean has unleashed its ire, a frenzy born of elemental spite – winds have raged that will not cease or tire till all's consumed in endless, blackest night. The waves break fiercely on the rocks, and spray … Continue reading

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Tomorrow’s Here Right Now

Headingley Lit Fest invited the Alison Taft creative writing class I was part of, to write for the festival on the theme of surviving. I thought the ideas I had were going nowhere until I realised I had the song … Continue reading

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Imposter Syndrome

IMPOSTER SYNDROME. A sonnet. It greets you in the morning when you wake, at night it kills your hopes and mutilates ideas. You’re too afraid to make your mark so, sick at heart, you face the empty page, then turn … Continue reading

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An Irish Giant

in memoriam Seamus Heaney I never met you, Seamus, And now I never will, because as another poet said, “In the forest of poetry the great oak has fallen.” Seamus, you lit the darkened corners of my mind with your … Continue reading

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1. Write for yourself, not others 2. Find your own truths 3. First drafts are just that (you should see mine!) 4. Work out your own best processes (morning pages/candles/notebook/tablet/glass of wine/cup of tea/ meditation/ fresh air/ log fire/long walk…). … Continue reading

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At the dawn of time you were born, a spark flung from the cauldron of creation. You journeyed onwards through cosmic dark, child of chaos and imagination. On your billion year swing around the sun your orbit gradually decays as … Continue reading

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