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Frenzy Rocket Song

Come to see Drakkula! But Mamma I can’t, I’m suffering from jaundice, And I’ve bought a nuclear plant. I’m belting out volcanic punk, Spiked with grit and gore. I’m wedded hard to my guitar, And there’s dancing on the floor. … Continue reading

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The Lodgers

Ghosts waggle their spectral fingers at me, all day, every day. Their thin smiles linger in sunlit rooms, their empty eyes stare at me from each mirrored surface. At night I hear their faint shufflings under attic eaves, their mouse-squeaks … Continue reading

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The Great Mystico

This was written in June 2019 as an exercise to write a piece, about 400 words, incorporating the following words: bit, draw, flex, perilous, bubble, corner, rancid, pound, high, open. Arthur Dodds sat slumped in a grubby armchair in the … Continue reading

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