Frenzy Rocket Song

Come to see Drakkula!
But Mamma I can’t,
I’m suffering from jaundice,
And I’ve bought a nuclear plant.

I’m belting out volcanic punk,
Spiked with grit and gore.
I’m wedded hard to my guitar,
And there’s dancing on the floor.
My head is ultraviolet sonics,
I’m shaking out my hair –
Tattoos flaunt images from comics,
Clash with my psychedelic stare.

Come to see Drakkula!
But Mamma I can’t,
There’s an alligator in the bush,
And I’ve shot my maiden aunt.

Mamma, stop harassing me,
You scooted off to Heaven.
And when you split with Daddy,
I was just a kid of seven.
The rhythm’s getting to me now –
Candy-popping hysterics,
I’m screaming at the microphone,
It’s besotted with my lyrics.

Come to see Drakkula!
But Mamma, I implore,
Frank is shuffling up the stairs,
And there’s going to be a war.

There’s going to be a war … (cry, cry).

Linda Marshall

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2 Responses to Frenzy Rocket Song

  1. Terry Wassall says:

    I absolutely love this Linda. There’s a lot of stories in this and I’m happy to work them out!

  2. Cate Anderson says:

    The reassurance created by regular rhyme and rhythm is defied by the dystopian imagery and content. Completely discomforting. Love it.

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