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WHEATFIELD WITH CROWS – Vincent van Gogh 10 July 1890

A day of throbbing heat. A storm simmers in the raging sky – a brooding sky. It swirls and eddies against the coruscating wheat like a storm wracked sea on rocks. A wreckers sky. The promise of forgetfulness in its … Continue reading

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Edinburgh Fringe August 2019

He was Spanish, the man who served our breakfast. He looked cool, in a cool café. Designer stubble, Baseball hat backwards on his head. We found he was to cycle 500 miles for cancer research The Indian family outside the … Continue reading

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Chocolate Love

Your eyes sparkle like Spangles. When life is anything but a Picnic you are my Turkish Delight. To see you is a Treat. I know some times I come across as a Smartie pants, but you will always Boost my … Continue reading

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New Year

That oil painting course I meant to take, letters unwritten, library books unread, a special message for a birthday cake, scores of poems imprisoned in my head. Those posh dinners that remained uncooked the room unpapered, the marathon not run, … Continue reading

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