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A haibun – two poems, a prose poem and haiku. The haiku supporting the prose poem. I pass through the hawthorn hedge, from darkness into light – dazzled by the summer sun. Stand ankle deep in grasses as damselflies flick … Continue reading

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World Music

I will go to Spain – the heat won’t worry me – to sit in cantinas with gypsies playing frenetic guitars. The clap and stamp of their hands and heels will make frills and flounces flash and flick. I’ll ache … Continue reading

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Convent School Memory

Among the pea sticks and neat rows of veg A nun stoops low to tend the shooting plants. A girl looks on, unseen beyond the edge Of this bucolic scene, caught in the slant Of late spring sunlight glancing through … Continue reading

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Memento Mori

A prose poem performed at the Leeds Lit Fest in March 2020. Inspired by a photograph of an abandoned house, the piece is about ageing. How, when we are old our memories become our sanctuary. Walk with me through this … Continue reading

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