WHEATFIELD WITH CROWS – Vincent van Gogh 10 July 1890

A day of throbbing heat.
A storm simmers in the raging sky –
a brooding sky.
It swirls and eddies against the coruscating wheat
like a storm wracked sea on rocks.
A wreckers sky.
The promise of forgetfulness
in its depths.
Poised on the edge of change,
which road to take?
To new horizons
or an inescapable dead end?
And the crows, the crows.
They rise as one,
startled by the coming storm.
Their beating wings in counterpoint
to the softly shushing field of amber grain,
the distant growl of thunder.
The turning point.
Impending darkness or impending light.
The choice is yours.

van Gogh shot himself 17 days after painting this scene, in the same field.

Cate Anderson

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  1. A really powerful and evocative piece which does full justice to van Gogh’s painting.

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