A haibun – two poems, a prose poem and haiku. The haiku supporting the prose poem.

I pass through the hawthorn hedge, from darkness into light – dazzled by the summer sun.
Stand ankle deep in grasses as damselflies flick across the water washed pebbles,
iridescent wings sunshot, their lapis bodies flashing, clashing with the reflected sky – blue
on blue. Like the pebbles I am immersed in summer – the menacing darkness forgotten as
the damselflies re-settle weightless on curved stalks. A pair form a heart shaped wheel.
The female clasped by the neck, her body arched round to meet his. I see my reality
reflected in that coupling. Reminded of the brooding threat the other side of the hawthorn
hedge I feel the weather turn.

Water over stones
reflects the blue summer sky.
Death in shadow waits.

Cate Anderson

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One Response to BLUE

  1. A lovely prose poem, Cate, full of apt and lyrical imagery, and the haiku perfectly complements it.

    Well done,

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