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New Year

That oil painting course I meant to take, letters unwritten, library books unread, a special message for a birthday cake, scores of poems imprisoned in my head. Those posh dinners that remained uncooked the room unpapered, the marathon not run, … Continue reading

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Learning the Craft

Now who will free me from the chains of rhyme, so I may pick and play the notes I choose; throw off the shackles of the metric line and pen with liberty the words I use? Why be a slave … Continue reading

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Climate Changer

While sitting alone facing into the sun She protests to people who don’t listen A planet on fire is a smoking gun While being adrift without a mission Saying her views instead of school learning With rouge seas rising, icebergs … Continue reading

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Convent School Memory

Among the pea sticks and neat rows of veg A nun stoops low to tend the shooting plants. A girl looks on, unseen beyond the edge Of this bucolic scene, caught in the slant Of late spring sunlight glancing through … Continue reading

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