Books and Me

By Myrna Moore

I loved you before I knew what you were and what you could be

It started small with words.

D O G suddenly became ‘dog’ that barking, running around – creature.

So that was the secret – words meant something.

I craved more and more of them

I just couldn’t get enough of them

I snatched them from newspapers, cereal packets, ingredients on cans,
advertising hoardings, anything bearing words was prey to my appetite.

Soon I would join the library – the world of books beckoned, and I entered.

Here I could escape, lose myself, float away to other worlds inhabit the skin of
other people.

Milly Molly Mandy with her candy-striped dress would eventually morph into
Anne of Green Gables leading me to The Secret Garden and from there I found
Heidi and Jane Eyre. Along the way Bunty and Judy intervened until I stumbled
upon Uncle Tom’s Cabin.

My daydreaming took a pause

Here another journey started.

Many years later
Despite a cull when we moved
We have book – cases in every room bar the bathrooms
Books I love you still.

Myrna Moore 2023

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