Sly’s Wanderings

By James Mallin

Heading for the rugged coastline of England.
Desperate souls sail to what they think is a dreamland.

Soaring high in the sky were flocks of blackbirds,
Were they warning with their echoing whistling words.

A mistake for a boat suddenly hit a breeze
Capsizing its unfortunate contents into a freezing sea.

Sly woke up with memories in his head
Knowing many of his friends would be dead.

It wasn’t his fault he got on this devil
This joke of a boat supposed to be a vessel

Demanding situations and ruthless men,
Money and politics taking advantage again

Sly had to survive while the others had drowned.
He had to survey this new land he found.

Leaving his rescuers where was he to go.
Not having ideas, how was he to know

Coming across a small village shop for food.
He fully expected to be refused.

But was confronted by a Mr. Alli an Asian guy
“Hello young man what would you like to buy”

Would you like to help me I’m a bit stuck”
What’s happening, Sly couldn’t believe his luck.

Sly helped Mr. A with the lifting work
Always a hard worker, never one to shirk.

Sly talks to a girl, she puts on a hood
Then runs out of the shop with stolen goods.
“Quick Sly” shouts Mr. A “she’s stealing gear”
“I’m on it Mr. A” no panic no fear.

Chasing the thief the couple suddenly stop
“What’s wrong Mr..A hadn’t a clue we were on top?”
“I’m sorry Sly, but we need to get to London,
I’ve. contacts there.,for us,.are you coming?”

Sly had a problem Mr..A had been good to him.
Should he wander off with this girl on a whim.

A flock of birds soared high in the sky.
Was this a warning,.seen before by Sly.

Jim Mallin 2023

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