Chocolate Love

Your eyes sparkle like Spangles.
When life is anything but a Picnic
you are my Turkish Delight.
To see you is a Treat.
I know some times
I come across as a Smartie pants,
but you will always
Boost my mood.
When I need a Time Out
You Wispa in my ear,
“You are my Dream”.
Flaky is my love
but you never Fudge it.
You would run a Marathon,
catch a Double-Decker,
travel to Mars,
via the Milky Way,
to be with me.
You will listen to me whatever
Topic I am Snickering
on about.
I am not a Yorkie
but you have welcomed me
into your Galaxy.
Your love for me
Is Bounty-ful.
It is the Blue Riband of loves.
When I unwrap your silver foil
You become
my selection box of happiness,
my Willy Wonka
Of Desire.
Let me into your factory.

Malcolm Henshall – January 2021

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  1. Linda Marshall says:

    This is really ingenious!

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