Learning the Craft

Now who will free me from the chains of rhyme,
so I may pick and play the notes I choose;
throw off the shackles of the metric line
and pen with liberty the words I use?
Why be a slave to formal modes of verse,
the sonnets, odes and elegies of old;
when I can break the bonds and so immerse
myself in finding methods fresh and bold?
Free verse, I think, gives greater scope to roam
the byways of the heart, the mind, the soul –
the poet may explore the earthy loam
of language and expand its vital role.
But wait, my cautionary Muse declares,
and learn to walk before you climb the stairs.

Bill Fitzsimonds

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4 Responses to Learning the Craft

  1. Terry Wassall says:

    I love this Bill. And it echos something I have come to realised for myself.

    • Hi Terry,

      Thank you for your kind comment.
      There isn’t one style of poetry – I like to try out different styles, it’s the only way to discover which type of poetry is best suited to you. I tend to write more free style than rhyme, but I still have a soft spot for rhyme.


  2. Eileen M Palmer says:

    This is superb Bill!
    Perfectly chosen form of verse to express the sentiments….and very skilfully woven piece.

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