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The Fault is Mine

Since you have gone, my heart, now struck in two, Has left me with one image in my mind; A faltering vision, a half of you, Which I will lose, since time cannot rewind And bring your essence back to … Continue reading

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Two little poems by Howard Benn

COME BACK Sometimes I wonder, Where is Halley’s Comet now? And who is she with? CATERPILLAR The caterpillar looks up to the sky And thinks: Why can’t I be a butterfly? Howard Benn

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It begins, as always, with the wings of a bat. The rest I tailor for you. A phial of shine from Sun. A drop of fresh dew, Taken from white petal Of daisy or rose, So mornings are new. For … Continue reading

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To Whomever

I catch glimpses of it here and there; The sea plays peek-a-boo between the hills. When I climb a brow, full blueness sets in, So wide, its curved surface seems Straight as a taut string. From afar, the sea is … Continue reading

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