Sestina – Mother and Child

She sits and looks at her child,
looks with love at her child, disabled.
The Mother, single, looks through laughter,
then through tears.
She, the one who cares.
She, the one who fears.

Why the fears?
Because she, alone, looks upon her child.
Because she’s the one who cares.
Her life also disabled.
And so, the tears,
and so, the laughter.

The child, cushioned with love and laughter.
Whilst the mother hides her fears,
she laughs through her tears,
as she looks upon her child.
Her child called disabled.
Is she the only one who cares?

The child knows no cares,
immersed in her laughter.
Unaware she is disabled,
oblivious to the fears.
Destined to be forever an innocent,
whilst her mother’s heart tears.

In time there are less tears,
the mother slowly feels less cares.
No change in the child,
but now more fun and laughter.
The different life, the mother once wished for,
fades, her life difficult but not disabled.

Onlookers may see her life as disabled.
Cruel people can cause the tears.
But mother and child live freely, without fears.
They shrug off their daily cares,
with fun and with laughter.
And Mum enjoys her child.

Disabled, yes, but full of cares?
Tears yes, but also laughter.
Fears yes, but also fun. Mother and child.

Malcolm Henshall

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