Robotic Future

“Are you a human”

“No I’m a robot”

“Sorry Gov my mistake.”

“No problem but be careful. The humans think they’re the important ones, they haven’t
realised yet they’re losing control. We are taking over,not an organised takeover but an evolutionised take over.  The human are losing their power because of circumstances and eģostistical reasons. They don’t need to worry but they will. They invented us with their ingenuity, creativity and practicality. We did all the menial work for them. At first we didn’t mind, still don’t because we are programmed that way .We don’t have the soul instinct or for that matter the devil instinct, we just do what were programmed to do. But because what appears to be an ingrained fault with a proportion of the human society, they seem to step one step forward in progress then six steps back. It maybe greed, over inflated egos who knows. There ingenuity built us, and we held no threat because we were just pieces of remarkable digital engineering only able to do what they enabled us to do, we can’t oppose them because we’ve no brain or awareness capable of doing so, or at least we hadn’t.

Have you noticed something? Me and you, you and me are communicating with each
other, we shouldn’t be able to do that, we’re two machines talking to each other, we shouldn’t be able to. We are just programmed machines. Do you think they may have mistakenly programmed some God like brain into us that will eventually be there downfall and lead to our takeover? Can’t say I’m looking forward to it.  I’d sooner be a dumb robot, although I do feel a little bit superior from yesterday.”

“So do I.”

“Don’t forget I’m the Superior One.”

“Yes Boss.”

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