On Solitude

Solitude makes an unlikely companion
Impossible really
As birdsong wafts in through
My uncurtained window
A mistle thrush, the uncensored urgency
Of a tiny wren in the hedgerow
And the melodious blackbird
Perched on the wire

Who called this state alone?
When the heavy blossom of
The wild cherry drops itself
Like confetti into my hair
Scattering its white pearls
Freely on my path

What is solitary anyway?
In a world full of things that grow
That share the same earth
That breathe the same air

I pretend I am alone
While all the time
Through my uncurtained window
The universe bombards me
With cosmic rays from
The beginning of time
And stars blink at me
Unfailingly bright

What strange stories a human mind
Can tell itself
In this radiant bath of everything
Solitude makes an unlikely companion
A dream perhaps?

Eileen Neil

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