For my albino corydoras

Pale as a pearly moon hanging in translucent clouds
Your scales shimmer as you glide serenely
Wafting through the green and garnet undergrowth

You pause and hide, shyly beneath the rampart walls
Of the underwater castle, your breath softening
Your gills barely whispering the watery air through your body

Are you sleeping that secret slumber of deeper waters?
Of worlds unseen by those who walk the surface,
Of dreamers, of dancers, of singers of silence, of poets

Your own poem births now, in a single graceful leap that breaks the surface
Water shatters shards of silver light, light falls as ripples
Splashing your wordless words like messengers from beyond the world of air

Like bursts of jubilation, like effulgent sunbeams, like angels
Words from watery crystal clarity spring
For a second, or was it for many lifetimes? That moment of leaping?

You slide now with infinite grace down to the deeper life again
Content with the circles you created on the perimeter of your world
You search these depths once more for your food

Small creature of such pearly scales, of rose pink eyes, of life filled water
Wafting through the green and garnet undergrowth
Your scales shimmering as you glide serenely by

Eileen Neil

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