God’s Oath

Libby’s a teacher, Beta grows herbs,
Liza’s a dreamer, while Elsa loves words,
Elisa’s a neat freak, Belle is a slattern,
Isabelle like chaos while Libby needs patterns,
Ealasidde writes poems, recites them on walks,
Beth’s passion is animals, she’d like her own horse,
Elspet is confident, Babette is a realist,
Bessy’s a worrier, and Ellie an idealist,
Bettina is slim and Betsy a fatty,
Lisbeth’s meticulous but Aliza is scatty.

So which of these many Elizabeths
exist? The answer is all of us
-but I call myself Liz.

Liz McPherson

This was written for National Poetry Writing Month 2021 (a poem every day for April). This challenge was Day 14; write a poem that delves into the meaning of your first or last name. Visit www.lizmcphersonwriter.com


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