Unlocked – video performance and download

As we emerge from the physical lockdown we’ve collectively endured in 2020–2021, we are celebrating poetically with the very timely theme of ‘unlocked’.

Heartlines Writers is now a well-established group with its own website; www.heartlines.uk. Four of the members run the very popular Soundbites open mic which happens on the second Monday of the month and group members have been published on a variety of platforms. This is our second pamphlet, a follow up to Sunglasses at Midnight.

The 26 poems explore multiple facets of the theme and reading the poems is like entering a hall of mirrors or gazing into a brightly cut jewel – you glimpse another view, another idea, another vision as you turn each page. Some poems are joyful, some thoughtful, some regretful, some fantastical, some playful, some touching, some sombre and each poet has their own unique voice.

You can also listen to the poems on our YouTube channel (see below) and download a pdf file of the anthology.

We are very grateful to The Arts Society Leeds for their generous support for Unlocked. It’s been my absolute pleasure to curate the pamphlet and we hope that you enjoy savouring the feelings and emotions that the poems conjure up.

Liz McPherson
On behalf of all the Heartlines Writers.

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