Jackie Parsons

A Snowball’s Chance

The planet’s pillaged and looted
The climate is unrecognisable
Fossil fuels are depleting
Wars are raging
And the drugs don’t work

This world is broken
But thirty four million miles away
Is one just waiting to be trashed
Our go to destination for the future is the Red Planet.
NASA is building the Artemis Base Camp at the south pole of the moon
And from there the travel time to Mars is a short seven months

Instead of curbing their wealth, those who deal in arms,
Pharmaceuticals, energy and GM crops
Look back to the previous century for an answer
And it comes straight out of the Gerry and Sylvia Anderson catalogue
Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons, Space 1999
Let’s hope Thunderbirds are Go!
I think we’re going to need them

Jackie Parsons

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