I Believe

Can you, will you, break the bonds of tyranny,
the misogynistic malady of predatory men,
the psychopathic tendencies of the maladjusted male?
Or the more insidious manoeuvres of the office Casanova,
the control-freakery of the immature.
Men who cannot bear the thought  of a woman
who can decide for herself her own priorities –
sexual, career-making, free-thinking
women who can speak for themselves.

Yes, you can break the bonds, but only
if you act collectively; if you unite your voices
in a mighty roar against the rapists, the abusers,
the men who wield  their power for self- gratification.
Yes , you can and you will – it won’t be in a day,
a year or perhaps a decade, but I believe the time
will come when women will sever the links
and find peace from the world’s predators.

Bill Fitzsimons