1. Write for yourself, not others

2. Find your own truths

3. First drafts are just that (you should see mine!)

4. Work out your own best processes (morning pages/candles/notebook/tablet/glass of wine/cup of tea/ meditation/ fresh air/ log fire/long walk…). Whatever works for you

5. Have some tricks up your sleeve – read other poets for inspiration/use a random word
generator/model your poem on somebody else’s work/take some lines from other poets
and weave them into your own work/refer to Wikipedia/listen to Ted Talks/attend

6. Trust your subconscious to deliver

7. Don’t judge yourself harshly – be gentle with your artist’s child

8. Remember, nobody else in the world writes like you do

9. Seek out supportive, like-minded communities

10. Not every poem you write will be a masterpiece – and that doesn’t matter

11. Enjoy the process12. Share when you feel ready


Liz McPherson

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