Breakfast cereal and a slice of toast
Satchel ready with homework, books and lunch
Sports afternoon, the one I like the most
Better than sitting on the old school bench.

Up late today so breakfasted in haste,
Nine miles to cycle in the morning cold.
Arrived late to work again shame faced.
Furious boss, last warning I’ve been told.

Missed breakfast yet again to catch the train.
Suited and tied in a close packed carriage.
Weary sighs and blank faces hide the pain,
A day lost to work, another blank page.

Breakfast at ten, two poached eggs on rye bread
On the terrace with the paper and tea.
All the dead days of toil gone and, instead,
Quiet companionship, just you and me.

To ponder one of life’s ironic ways
Best mornings in the evening of our days.

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