Blue Electra

Out of the blue, she came with her silver wings,
slicing through the unspun drifts of cloud,
to rise higher than any bird was made to fly
defying men, defying women’s place, defying gravity
she flies, alone, across the wild Atlantic sea.

Out here above the earth she gazes down
at the insignificant checkerboard of the ground
and the tiny pieces moving, spinning round as
she rises higher than any bird was made to fly as
high and wild, she flies alone across the sky

Out of nothing came the plan to span the earth
They gave her a Lockheed Electra for the flight
and she very nearly almost might have been……
waves whisper unknown stories of her plight
They knew the date that mattered the 2nd of July 1937
the brightest of diamonds sometimes shatters
and the glinting shards reflect in shadows
courage, daring grace, a woman’s face.

Out of the blue she came with her silver wings.
the notes rise skywards. she flies on alone.
the music soars. she lives again. the drum beat roars.
she rises higher than any bird was made to fly
Amelia Earhart flies on in Blue Electra.

Amelia Earhart was an aviation pioneer who also wrote extensively including poetry. She
was the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic. She was lost over the Pacific trying to
circumnavigate the world…mystery surrounds her death. Recently a violin concerto, Blue
Electra has been written based on parts of her life.

Eileen Neil

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