Archive of the Mind

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4 Responses to Archive of the Mind

  1. Terry Wassall says:

    Powerful and evocative writing Myrna. This is not the history taught in our school days but should be.

  2. Eileen M Palmer says:

    A really powerful piece. I had not heard of Sam Sharpe until I read this. Leaves a lot of questions for the reader.

  3. Myrna Moore says:

    Thank you Terry. Too much is hidden especially ‘uncomfortable’ subjects. As writers or poets it is important to shine a light in the dark places.

  4. A brilliant evocation of the Jamaican landscape, but more importantly it’s dark history. I too had not heard of Sam Sharpe. I suppose, like many others, he would not feature in British colonial history as taught in British schools, much to Britain’s shame.

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