“You’re an angle,”
the drunken man said
at 3.30am, in A&E.
“An angle?” the nurse replied.
“You’re an angel, an angel” he slurred
“Don’t suppose angels have to use food banks,”
she muttered.
“I clapped for you,” he said
“Well thank you, she said,
but applause don’t pay the bills.”
“Do you know what might have helped though?” she asked
“You not getting drunk and falling over,
then this angel wouldn’t have had to float down and see to you”.
“But you’ll forgive me, he said
because you are an angel.”
“No, I’m not,
just an ordinary woman, mother
trying to do my best.”
“Not an angel then,
but allow me to say…
you are phenomenal

Malcolm Henshall 

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