A Walk in the Woods at Sunset

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3 Responses to A Walk in the Woods at Sunset

  1. Terry Wassall says:

    This is a lovely poem Bill. I love the range of your poetry, different subjects, different styles. This is so different from The Thrill of it All, Umbilicus and Pecking Order for instance.

  2. Jim Mallin says:

    Hi Bill-Jim here
    I like your poem’ A walk in the wood at sunset’.I go for a walk across from my house in the woods every evening. You’ve taken the words out of my head , but put them in a better way.
    I love the lines ‘As the light fades,I feel afraid yet strangely alert’ ‘And I know the electric thrill of freedom’. Great stuff Bill,some great lines throughout the poem.

  3. Thanks Jim,
    I real appreciate your comments and I’m pleased you enjoyed the poem.

    I’ve been reading your recent poems and I love the one about the kite coming to a sticky end – a grim warning about the dangers of plastic pollution indeed!


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