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God’s Oath

Libby’s a teacher, Beta grows herbs, Liza’s a dreamer, while Elsa loves words, Elisa’s a neat freak, Belle is a slattern, Isabelle like chaos while Libby needs patterns, Ealasidde writes poems, recites them on walks, Beth’s passion is animals, she’d … Continue reading

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In Yorkshire (a rondeau)

In Yorkshire – to the North York Moors – its heather, dales and rugged shores. Backdrop to those telly dramas – Heartbeat and that soap ‘bout farmers – destinations for fans’ coach tours. They’re queuing up – the more mature … Continue reading

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Let those who are in favour with their stars set out upon a journey round the moon; cast aside restraint, break through the bars of brittle caution. Life must end too soon and choices disappear like Autumn mist. So gird … Continue reading

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guilty as charged – kissing the gunner’s daughter without priming her the gunner’s daughter matched me salvo for salvo till our rounds were spent combined fire-power ensured this was more than just a shot in the dark! Bill Fitzsimons

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sunglasses at midnight – video performance for the Leeds LitFest 2021

For a pdf of the poems performed by the Heartlines Writers group in the video please click on sunglasses at midnight download. Back at the beginning of 2020, we had no thought of publishing any of our work – we … Continue reading

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A Tree Dream

                He Lies down Head on rocks Sleep empowers Reality transforms The scene about transforms Angels descend down the tree The invisibility changes his consciousness A new perspective enters the scene A voice … Continue reading

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Blowing In The Wind

Blowing in the wind, but there are no answers here: here, where the birds are silent and the forest keeps its secrets. A young woman’s body turning gently in a winter breeze; the creaking branch from which she hangs; the … Continue reading

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A Perfect Storm

For days the ocean has unleashed its ire, a frenzy born of elemental spite – winds have raged that will not cease or tire till all’s consumed in endless, blackest night. The waves break fiercely on the rocks, and spray … Continue reading

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Early morning walk

After 40 years of living in England, my parents retired back to Jamaica, Montego Bay. My father’s routine was to have an early morning walk to experience the sun coming up. On our visit, we joined him and were overwhelmed … Continue reading

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WHEATFIELD WITH CROWS – Vincent van Gogh 10 July 1890

A day of throbbing heat. A storm simmers in the raging sky – a brooding sky. It swirls and eddies against the coruscating wheat like a storm wracked sea on rocks. A wreckers sky. The promise of forgetfulness in its … Continue reading

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