Only a Woman

You are only a woman
What would you know
He said with distain
Standing toe to toe

Yes, I’m only a woman
And you don’t give a toss
But did you realise
I am your boss?

Oh, he said now looking concerned
Oh bugger, he said, is that actually so?
Well indeed that is so she said with a smile
So perhaps it’s time that you should go

Please, ma’am, please don’t judge me for this
I’m really a new man if truth is to be told
It’s my conditioning to blame so what can I do
I’d say I’m a feminist, if I may be so bold

That I find hard to believe she said
Struggling to resist a snort and a groan
Remember I hold the power over you
Think on that as you travel home

So off he went tail between legs
Feeling diminished, and angry too
How has it come to this, he thought
Woman in charge, that’s taboo

He must change his attitude, she was thinking
Show me respect is what he must do
If not, I will have to let him go
I’ll enjoy telling him that at his annual review

Many years later, they met again
Not much had changed that she could see
She’d risen to be the managing director
He? pushing the trolley bringing round the tea.

Malcolm Henshall – You’re Only a Woman – February 2024

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