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Joie de Vivre

Half-written on the sprawling page of Time, my epitaph’s a process underway. The pessimist would argue for decline and say that all is tainted with decay. Such people see the worst in all mankind; no chink of light, no joy—indeed, … Continue reading

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Another Bone

Although I try to write my love for you, the page, I fear, stays resolutely blank; no message from my muse is getting through, nor is it likely to, I must be frank. Yes, writer’s block has been with me … Continue reading

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The Fault is Mine

Since you have gone, my heart, now struck in two, Has left me with one image in my mind; A faltering vision, a half of you, Which I will lose, since time cannot rewind And bring your essence back to … Continue reading

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Small Ghosts Collection – October 2022

These poems were written by the Heartlines writers group to commemorate the old Headingley Primary School (1882-2006). After a 5 year project in 2011 the school building became the  Heart Centre, the Headingley Enterprise and Arts Centre, a community enterprise … Continue reading

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Two little poems by Howard Benn

COME BACK Sometimes I wonder, Where is Halley’s Comet now? And who is she with? CATERPILLAR The caterpillar looks up to the sky And thinks: Why can’t I be a butterfly? Howard Benn

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Moving silently, its on it’s way it’s a last chance Nobody listening to the language of words Or sounds of war marching to it’s last dance Angry voices tell of warnings not heard. Mankind has gone through this many times … Continue reading

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National Poetry Day Heartlines Collection – The Environment

Today, October the 6th, is National Poetry Day. To support it the Heartlines Writers group wrote a number of poems on the Poetry Day’s 2022 theme, the environment, and distributed them free around various locations in Leeds. We have also … Continue reading

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Burning Less Brightly

In Ulster, once ruled by sword and might, the legacy of history burns less bright. Here, where bigotry long held sway and human hopes were mangled in the fray, a tiny spark of reason has ignited and kindled hope in … Continue reading

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A Perfect Storm

For days the ocean has unleashed its ire, a frenzy born of elemental spite – winds have raged that will not cease or tire till all's consumed in endless, blackest night. The waves break fiercely on the rocks, and spray … Continue reading

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Tomorrow’s Here Right Now

Headingley Lit Fest invited the Alison Taft creative writing class I was part of, to write for the festival on the theme of surviving. I thought the ideas I had were going nowhere until I realised I had the song … Continue reading

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