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Complete disorder; confusion ; anarchy; randomness; formless matter before creation of universe; greek god Chaos- the first created being giving birth to primeval gods. The idea is that the flapping of a butterfly’s wings in Argentina could cause a tornado … Continue reading

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Hill of Tara

On the green hill of Tara Mist and light intertwined into a web of gossamer enjoining every blade of grass into this shimmering sheet of diamonds. Green beyond green, intoxicatingly airy sanctuary of sovereigns and home of honeyed bees dripping … Continue reading

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Dancing Shiva

Sometimes the primordial Shiva dances in a circle of fire, yet utterly serene Like the brass ringed statue on the cabinet brought back from India decades ago Nataraja* poised motionless and frozen half naked like some sort of sacramental offering … Continue reading

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“At times I felt so happy I had to quit” Carver R Tess Out on the field here at dawn, and the rippled grass and trees stood in small groups of ancient growth, huddling close and a grey mist, laying … Continue reading

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After the pandemic 1

“I will arise and go now” Yeats W.B Innisfree             When it’s finally all finished, I dream of heading North Where the wild winds aren’t diminished Where the oceans swirl and roar Where the white … Continue reading

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The trees sway flowing loosely where the wind carries them Me, I dig my feet in against the gale till it snaps me asunder So I land like a dead leaf or an acorn ready to rot, or to germinate. … Continue reading

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Below the Moon

Below the great gleaming Roundel of the moon Tonight I see my shadow Encircled By light Eileen Neil

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Aubade – Dawn Sky

Aubade – an acrostic Doubting not the day will come And rebirth the green garden you still Wonder at the vanishing stars of the Night sky, the emerging lilac Shifting to rosy pink Knowing each moment marks the turning of … Continue reading

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The tiny things of life….

You were lighter than the wind In my hand Your hollowed places, and the hole in you Through which I could see my own skin Opalescent gleaming, shell-like pearling So breathtakingly breakable, Yet forming a tower, a pyramid For the … Continue reading

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For my albino corydoras

Pale as a pearly moon hanging in translucent clouds Your scales shimmer as you glide serenely Wafting through the green and garnet undergrowth You pause and hide, shyly beneath the rampart walls Of the underwater castle, your breath softening Your … Continue reading

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